Religious groups show support for Initiative 42

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The battle of Initiative 42 is a struggle between who gets control of public school funding.

It could go to a county judge or remain in the hands of the state legislature.

Governor Bryant opposes the initiative.

“So if we are going to fully fund MAEP, if we did so every year, we would have not had a Highway Patrol School,” he said. “We would totally be unable to fund Medicaid.”

However, some groups support it.

Religious groups and leaders from across Jackson made their case Friday as to why people should vote for Initiative 42.

Minister Justin McCreary said lawmakers should want full funding for public schools.

“The sad thing about it is that they are keeping their authority on the backs of children and they are slowly and quickly pushing people into gutters so they can keep their power structure the way it is,” he said.”

Rabi Mattew Dreffin said it’s all about making sure all children have equal opportunities for a great education instead of having some children struggling to have a decent education.

“Because they are not getting enough funding,” he said. “They are not getting enough teachers in the classrooms or textbooks. The learning environment needs to be set up so that they can learn.”

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