McComb Police investigate 3 armed robberies

MCCOMB, Miss. (WJTV) — McComb Police are investigating three armed robberies. They believe the same suspects committed all three crimes.

Authorities said the first one happened on Missouri Avenue on October 27 around 1:25 p.m. Police said a teen was walking home from school when two men in a Nissan Altima approached him and asked if he wanted to buy drugs. When the teen said no, the driver pulled out a gun and robbed him.

Another armed robbery happened the same day around 6 p.m. on Delaware Avenue. McComb police said a man was approached by two men in an Altima.

Authorities said the men matched the same description as the suspects in the first robbery. This time, the suspects asked the man if he was interested in buying some jewelry. The suspects pulled a gun out on the victim and stole items from him.

On October 28, two men  approached a man in Jackson and asked if he wanted to buy drugs. The victim said no and the driver got out of the car and tried to rob him at gunpoint.  The victim was able to push the gun away from this body; a shot was fired and grazed him in the stomach.

Authorities believe the two suspects are from the Louisiana area.

Anyone with information about these crimes, contact police.



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