Woman’s call leads to capture of South Carolina fugitive

Michael Covington

ADAMS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Face to face with a man accused of trying to kill a woman and, the same man who also said he wanted to kill a police officer before ending his own life.

That’s exactly who a Mississippi woman opened the door to find this weekend.

WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus talked to the woman who eventually called 9-1-1 after the brush with a man considered armed and dangerous.

“Hello Ms. Angie do you remember me? And I said no I don’t. He said I’m Michael,” said Angie King.

It’s been seven years since Angie King has seen Michael Covington until he showed up on her doorstep with a baseball bat in hand Saturday morning asking for a favor.

“He then asked me if he could use the telephone to call someone because he needed to call his mom to come pick him up,” said King.

King said Covington use to call Natchez home and lived right up the road from her family but this wasn’t the first time he had been in trouble.

“At that time this was a real peaceful community, no problems no theft or anything but when they moved in we had a lot of break ins and a lot of stealing and he was just a real behavior child,” said King.

Years ago king says Covington use to live at this with his family. It’s now abandoned– and she believes king could have been hiding here from authorities; he was wanted for attempted murder in South Carolina and had been spotted by deputies the day before.

She quickly noticed something was off about Covington.

“He had odor like it was outrageous because i could smell his body odor over the bacon i was frying,” King said.

So she asked her niece and nephew to check and see what Covington had been up to.

Before Covington knew it, deputies rushed over and captured him.

“They eased in here on the property and you couldn’t even hear them coming,” said King.

“He knew his time was up he didn’t try and fight back. He put his hands behind his back and he went on with the sheriff,” said Alexis Johnson.

King says she comforted Covington so he wouldn’t threaten her or her five kids still in the house

“When I found out it was the person I realized that my kids were in the house with him that was the part that freaked me more than anything,” said King.

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