Veterans honored at Christ Temple Church of Christ

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Veterans Day is right around the corner and people poured in from around the state to honor Veterans and their families Saturday at Christ Temple Church of Christ.

“On Veterans Day we reflect on the immeasurable burdens born and by serving in the name of so many,” said Attorney Dwan Johnson.

One Vietnam veteran says he was blessed to make it back from war and thinks about those who weren’t as fortunate.

“These type of services show that people do appreciate what you’ve done and everybody wants to be appreciated even soldiers,” said Veteran Jerry Bibb. “That’s why I attend the services. Especially for those who didn’t make it back.”

The service honored many Veterans who left behind the people they love to defend the country they love.

“And we rededicate ourselves to supporting those who have worn America’s uniform and the families who stand alongside them, Johnson said.

Keynote speaker Marvin Jackson dedicates his life to helping other Veterans when they return home.
He says their great sacrifice should not be forgotten.

” Being a soldier was never and easy job but the soldier in today’s all-volunteer army chose to serve a cause greater than themselves many made this decision knowing they may be sent in harms was,” Jackson said.

However, Johnson says the Veterans deserve more than just our applause.

” Let us show them the extraordinary gratitude they so rightly deserve and let us recommit to pledging our full support for all they do,” Johnson said.

Bibb says veterans day also serves as a message for future generations.

“Especially when you’re young you learn to grow up. You learn to be a man. You learn a lot about your country and it will make you appreciate your country.”

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