Liquor Industry Grows, Distillery Set to Open in Canton

Jackson, Miss. — Mississippi has a rich history of moonshine stills and bootlegging. So it may come as no surprise that, now legal, breweries and distilleries are growing in number and size. Richard Patrick and Austin Evans opened Cathead Vodka in 2010. The first legal distillery in Mississippi is now expanding from Gluckstadt to downtown Jackson. Evans says, “We currently operate in 7000 square-foot and we’re slammed packed down there. So we need more room. The other thing is having more of a tourism aspect to it. Having a storefront.”

The grand opening is scheduled for December 12, 2015. In January, Rich Grain Distillery will open in Canton. David Rich owns the distillery. His father, Neil Rich, renovated the building, “You’ll be able to look for this window to the distillery equipment that will be positioned in place next week.”

In the tasting room, you’ll be able to learn more about the operation or head into the store room to see the barrels of aging whiskey and bourbon. According to Rich, there are lots of reasons to open up shop in the state, “Mississippi has good water. Great grains. It makes Mississippi a wonderful place for these industries to exist.”

In fact, Mississippi is overflowing with beer, wine, and spirits. A spokesperson for the Mississippi Department of Revenue says right now there are 440,000 cases of booze in the Liquor Distribution Center in Gluckstadt. Numbers are up right now as the state-run alcohol control center prepares for the holidays.

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