Scott County residents clean up after tornado damages area

SCOTT COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Residents of Scott County are cleaning up damage and debris after an EF1 tornado touched down in the area.

“It was unreal, it was kind of like a scary situation,” David Irby, a Scott County resident, said.

Some watched their homes being torn apart by the wind.

“Some of the shingles came off on top and inside the roof like fell in, in my room and damage to the roof because of the shingles fell off,” Zackery Holmes, a Scott County resident, said.

“The wind got to blowing, the house felt like it was going to blow up,” Irby said.

A little bit away, a mobile home was swept up and destroyed.

WJTV was told the family got out okay but they left behind much of what was inside.

“It looked like it flipped the trailer over, and after it hit the ground it just scattered debris everywhere,” Irby said.

On Leon Harrell Road, Tommy Harrell says the storm didn’t last long, but his dad’s barn got hit pretty hard

“In the 42 years that we’ve been here, and this was one of the worst ones as you can tell – it took it away from here, it’s one of those…it was time for it to go,” Tommy Harrell, a Scott County resident, said.

The power was knocked out and debris went through the windows of Harrell’s home but everyone was safe and so were the cattle.

“It’s sentimental, it’s just something that’s been there all of my life pretty much and he needs it to continue on with his cattle, it’s kinda hard without a barn,” Harrell said.

The Harrell family tells us their family barn is insured and they are planning to rebuild.



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