What’s Working: Rare cars in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Driving along Gallatin Street in Downtown Jackson, you might have noticed a sign for legendary automaker Ferrari, and thought, what’s that doing here?

Ferrari South has been gone for years, but there *is* a place for the ultra-high end car buyer right here in the Capital City.

One of a kind cars, born in places like Italy, Bavaria, and the good old U. S. A.

If you appreciate the very best the automotive industry has to offer, you can find it … right here in Jackson.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a 6.2 liter supercharged V8. It’s coiled under the hood of what many consider to be the finest Corvette ever made.

The ZO6 fits right in at Motorcars of Jackson.

It’s showroom is a car lover’s paradise.

Chip Chudy lays it out like this, ” Corvette, top of the line. Maserati, top of the line. Jaguar, top of the line, and then we try to do customization and enhancements also to make them a little more unique.”

Chip and his wife have been in the high end car business for almost 20 years, but a little more than a month ago, they moved their operation to this perfectly appointed facility off the I-55 Frontage Road, no detail was overlooked, take the kitchen for example.

“We built it modeled after a Snap On tool box,” Chip explains.

Parked near the red kitchen, a green Maserati GranTurismo unlike any other.

“It’s a one of a kind paint color, after a Lamborghini Verde Ithaca is the technical color, and it belongs to my wife. She saw it. She had to have it, and if you’ve got a wife then you understand.” Chip said.

Chip and his wife ship their cars all over the world, but there are a surprising number of Maseratis and Ferraris in Jackson if you know where to look.

More domestic minded?  How about a one of a kind Mustang GT500 singed by both Steve Saleen and Carroll Shelby.

Outside you’ll find some of the toughest trucks on Terra Ferma.

In a sea of unique vehicles, Chip is the common thread.

“Handpicked ’em. Drove ’em. Wrote the ad. Took the picture. Take the phone call. My wife takes your money,” Chip concludes.

You can see everything in Chip’s showroom at www.motorcarsofjackson.com.

Chip says his cars have very low mileage. Some even 100 miles or less.

The Motorcars of Jackson team works by appointment only. Chip and his crew will add high-end accessories to their cars, but they do not tinker with the engines. Those are perfectly fine on their own.


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