Churches push for Farish Street revitalization by asking city officials for properties

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Efforts to restore the Farish Street Historic District have come and gone and many are tired of the broken promises.

Churches in the area are looking to take it upon themselves to make a change.

The redevelopment of the once popular Farish Street has been a never ending tale for Dorothy Davis.

“I don’t understand why we can’t get this back,” said Davis, president of Farish Street Ministries.

There have been several efforts to revitalize the street, including the most recent one to turn the stretch of Amite to Hamilton into an entertainment district.

However, Davis said churchgoers are fed up with the empty promises and have come up with their own plan.

“We’re asking the city to give us the buildings because all churches are non-profit. Let us have the buildings and let us build what we want down here. We’re not asking for them to pay for the remodeling of the building we have skill people who know how to do that themselves,” she said.

Business owners are also making the request from the city.

“The problem is that we aren’t seeing redevelopment and we aren’t being ignored,” said Maatia Jone-Primm, owner of the bookstore down the street.

“We are standing up and we are refusing that there should be something other than justice in this issue,” Jone-Primm said. “We’re talking about economic parody. We will have to have, .and we wiIl have it.”

WJTV reached out to the Jackson Redevelopment Authority and asked if was possible to give the churches those buildings along Farish Street. We are still waiting for their response.



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