South Carolina manufacturer makes giant French flag out of bandannas

(WSPA) — An upstate company is using their product to show their support in a big way for Paris following last Friday’s attacks.

“I want to tell France that you’re not alone,” said James Bradley, the Plant Manager at Carolina Creative Products.

Like many Americans, James kept his eye on the news as the attacks on Paris unfolded. But when he woke up the next morning he knew he had to do something to send a message.

“I wanted to do something that would show our support for France and it just kind of popped in my brain to build a big France flag out of bandannas,” Bradley said.

They chose bandannas because that’s the business he works in at Carolina Creative products. They make and ship their bandannas all over the US.

Bradley came into work early Monday and suggested the idea to his employees and they immediately got to work. “Everybody was excited and everybody was on board.”

All of the bandannas were made at their factory in Greenville and they were hand stitched together to make the flag by 3 employees.

“It was on his heart and so when he came in to work that morning they started sewing,” said Reid Hoag, Sales Manager.

There are 135 bandannas, each branded “Made in the USA”, that make up the big 15 by 25 foot French flag. It’s been flying at their warehouse since it was created.

“I think it will send that we are supporting our allies, our troops, our government and our decision that we are making over there because they are tough,” Hoag added.

Next the flag will be sent to fly at their sister warehouse in Rock Hill. Then Bradley and his fellow employees say they are working to get the flag over to France..

“There are people over here, just common ordinary people like myself to tell them you’re not alone,” Bradley said.

They hope the flags final home will wave America’s support from the US Embassy in Paris.

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