“As long as God lets me keep my mind, I will never forget about my grandson.” Boy dies in house fire

It’s shaping up to be heartbreaking start to the holiday week for a family in Bolton this morning. A one-year-old boy was killed when the house he was in, caught fire.

That fire started early this morning here on Grand Avenue. The house is a total loss, but for this family the material things don’t matter. Their main concern is that young life, gone too soon.

“I’ll hurt until the day I die. I would have given up everything I have to save him. I would have even given my life, but I wasn’t around,” The victim’s Grandfather, Edward Mason Jr. said.

Bradley Mason wasn’t here long on earth, but in that short time, his family he had an impact on the lives of everyone that knew him.

“I’m going to miss my grandson. I’m going to miss him bad. I did talk with him before he left. He said ‘hey paw, paw.’ That’s the last thing he said to me,” Mr. Mason said.

Mr. Mason’s daughter was in the home with her six children when the fire stated. She along with some of their neighbors was hurt while trying to save the kids. Gretchen Leach lives next door to the Mason family. She says her brother, along with the child’s father tried to save the children from the fire.

“It’s going to be hard Thanksgiving,” Leach said. “Also his father lives across the street from me, so it’s going to be pretty sad around here. My brother is the one who went in with his family to try to save the 5 kids. They just couldn’t get to the other one.”

The Mason Family has owned this house for 30 years. They have literally lost everything, but they haven’t given those material things much thought. Right now they are trying to work through this grief.

“I have never lost one of children. I lost my grand-baby, and it’s a hurting feeling. I’ll never forget about him. I’ll never forget about him. As long as God lets me keep my mind, I will never forget about my grandson,” Mr. Mason said.


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