Kimbell Road Bridge Closed, Causes Headache for Neighbors

Hinds County, Miss. — Drivers on Kimbell Road in rural Hinds County should be prepared for a detour. The Kimbell Road bridge closed about a month ago. Ed Perrett is one of many neighbors who are upset, “We were not aware anything was going to take place until the county came out one day and put up road blocks across it and signs.”

Not only does Perrett have to find a way around the bridge, he has to take 2-3 roads to get home and those roads are riddled with potholes. He says those potholes could tear up any cars traveling the roads, “If you don’t know about it and come down here at night you’re going to hit a pothole and you’re going to tear up some vehicles.”

District 5 Supervisor George Smith says construction can’t continue until a City of Jackson water line, which runs under the bridge, is moved. Moving the line has to be approved by the Jackson City Council and should come up at the next meeting, next Tuesday. But Perrett is concerned that construction could be delayed even longer as winter, and wetter weather, sets in.

Until constructions resumes, neighbors will have to detour around the bridge and continue to dodge potholes. Perrett says, “It gets to be quite a nuisance to go out the two ways we have possible for us. And the ways we go out are just like the rest of Kimbell road. It’s a washboard.”

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