East Rankin Academy releases statement regarding arrest of former employee

PELAHATCHIE, Miss. (WJTV) – The East Rankin Academy released the following statement regarding the arrest of Allison Evans Slonaker:

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, East Rankin Academy was notified by agents of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation involving allegations of potential child abuse by a former employee of East Rankin Academy. Prior to the notification provided by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, neither the school’s Administration nor its Board of Trustees were aware of any allegations of potential criminal behavior on the part of this. or any other, former employee.

At all times following notification of the criminal investigation, East Rankin Academy has cooperated fully with authorities and has complied with all requests for information relevant to the investigation. East Rankin Academy will continue to cooperate fully with authorities during the process of the investigation and comply with all requests for assistance from law enforcement authorities.

East Rankin Academy,y has been advised that the criminal investigation is ongoing as of the time of the issuance of this statement. Accordingly, it is inappropriate for East Rankin Academy to comment further on matters about which significant uncertainty remains. Further, the incident or incidents under investigation involve a child a minor child who is afforded rights of privacy and protection under the law. East Rankin Academy  will endeavor to protect the identity of the child and will refuse to comment in any manner that might serve to jeopardize, even if accidentally, the privacy of the child and the child’s family.

Facts that are known at this time and which have some bearing on the ongoing criminal investigation are: (1) Months before the allegations of the criminal investigation were made known to East Rankin Academy, the former employee voluntarily left employment and relocated to another area of the state; (2) East Rankin Academy enforces a strict employment policy prohibiting conduct of the type alleged in the charging documents; and (3) the conduct alleged, if true, took place a location away from the school grounds.

This statement shall serve as the official response of East Rankin Academy to the allegations raised in the charging documents. East Rankin Academy will have no further comment about this matter at this time.


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