‘Irreplaceable:’ Lincoln bust stolen from porch of Gettysburg museum

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Lincoln is missing and there are few clues to work with. The Hall of Presidents in Gettysburg hopes to get its presidential bust back.

Just a few days after the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, it’s a blow to the attraction.

There’s a lot of Lincoln in the Hall of Presidents, from the life-size figure to souvenirs like playing cards, a candy dispenser, and a snow globe.

But one likeness is long gone.

“Just having discovered it this morning, we’re still kind of trying to figure things out,” said Max Felty, president of Gettysburg Tours.

First, he found a pedestal in the parking lot. “I knew that was not right.”

Then, some broken tile on the porch where the pedestal used to be.

“Your heart drops a little bit,” he said.

Felty looked around the area, hoping to find evidence of an accident.

“When it was totally missing, it seemed to me it was a little more sinister,” he said.

Honest Abe was kidnapped.

The bust of the Great Emancipator once greeted visitors on the porch along with President Eisenhower. Like Ike’s, his pedestal was bolted down.

“So many have come here and stood on this porch and taken pictures with the bust of President Lincoln,” Felty said, adding it must have weighed several hundred pounds.

Abe had remained stone-faced out front for at least a couple decades. The sculptor died years ago, “so it’s something that we feel is irreplaceable,” Felty said.

Police are looking into it, studying surveillance video from nearby.

Felty hopes the 16th president finds his own way home.

“I will try to be optimistic and just kind of take it from there,” he said, illustrating an attitude in the face of hardship that would make the President proud.

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