What’s Working: Co-working with technology

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Traditional office space is evolving in the age of technology. More of us are working from home or from the coffee shop. But there will always be times when a more professional setting is required.

In Fondren, the office of tomorrow is taking shape today. Think of it as 5, 000 square feet of limitless possibility.

The second floor of Duling School has a new lease on life.

When the last high-speed internet line is wired, and the last piece of furniture is scooted into place, it will be unlike anything else in Mississippi.

From the outside, Duling School is a beautiful building, on the second floor you have to use your imagination, but the bones are here for something good.

Christopher Lomax envisions lots of glass, 65-inch plasma tv’s, 8 private offices, and a new way to do business.

It’s called co-working.

Christopher believes Mississippi is more than ready.

He explains, ” It allows you for a very inexpensive per monthly fee to have an office, so if you are working out of your home, or out of a coffee shop, it adds that element of professionality.”

There will be conference rooms for clients and investors, even a concierge. So who will work here?

Christopher says, “Solo entrepreneurs, small teams, 2 to 5 people teams. You could sell insurance. You could sell financial products; you could sell medical devices or pharmaceutical sales.”

There will be coffee in the lounge, and beer on the patio.

Fertile ground for networking and then innovation.

Christopher says, “That’s what co-working is all about. It’s about creating a community and those collisions between people and ideas.”

Best case? Everything is in place by mid-January.

Christopher says, “It’s a very energetic, artistic class here in Fondren, we are excited to be part of the neighborhood and part of the fabric of this community.”

The project is privately funded. Christopher insists there’s really not much left to do.

Interested? You can find out much more https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mantle-coworking-space#/ or https://www.facebook.com/growatmantle/

Christopher says that in five years he hopes that Mantle will have helped seed several companies that will stay right here in Mississippi.


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