Metro shoppers hit the stores on Thanksgiving

Thanksgivng is typically a big day for food, family, and football.

Now Black Friday starts on the Thanksgiving Holiday. Shopping is a priority for some people.

Hundreds of people were waiting for hours before the doors unlocked at Target and North Park Mall for their chance to grab some hot ticket items.

Anthony Carver says he came to Target for one thing.

“When we got here and got in line all these people in front of me and behind me were waiting on a 55′ TV. As the people passed out the tickets we noticed he only had 9 tickets.”

After waiting in line for nearly four hours, Carver says he and his new friends plan to snatch smaller size televisions.

“Well actually no competition because we are going to work with each other.” But we were waiting at the exit doors when C arver walked out 10 minutes later empty handed.

“Lots of disappointed faces because they didn’t have exactly the quantity that they wanted,” he said. “Well just push for Cyber Monday now.”

There are still some happy faces. For some standing in line for half the day to save hundreds is worth the wait.



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