Neighborhood plans vigil, clothing drive for family of toddler killed in house fire

Bradley Mason

BOLTON, Miss. (WJTV)– A neighborhood is coming together to help a family that lost a 1-year-old boy during a house fire.

The Westview Subdivision will have a vigil Saturday for Bradley Mason at 3 p.m. near the home where the fire happened.

Bolton house fire (4)A mom and her six children were at their house on Grand Avenue in Bolton when a fire broke out on Monday.

The mom and five of her children made it out safely, but little Bradley did not.

The Mason family lost everything in the fire. At Saturday’s vigil,  people can drop off donations for the family.

Money and clothes will be accepted.

Adult sizes: 2X shirts in women and men, 1X shirts in women, 42/31 in pants for men, 22/24 in pants for women, 16/18 in pants for women

Kids sizes for the five children: 10/12 in boys clothing, 6/7 in boys and girls clothing, 4t/5t for boys clothing, 12/18 months for girls clothing; size 5 in shoes for a boy, size 3 in shoes for a girl, size 1 in shoes for a girl, size nine in shoes for a toddler boy, size 4 in shoes for a toddler girl.




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