Tips on eating healthy during the holidays

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – The holidays are the time of year people watching their weight dread. Parties, family gatherings, and feasts make keeping off the pounds a difficult task.

However, dietitians in the East said eating healthy is a possibility for everyone during the holidays. Dietitian Jennifer Gwennap said the key is having proper portions.

“What happens when you go to a party is a lot of times, if you don’t get a plate, you’re going to eat extra calories that way,” she said. “So by getting a plate, you’re going to limit your portion size, and you’re actually going to see what you’re taking in.”

Gwennap recommends not skipping meals heading into a holiday event, because that often times leads to overeating. She also said people should focus on splurging only on their holiday favorites, rather than on food they can eat all year long. She suggests if you’re heading to a potluck, to bring something that is healthy.

“When you go to a party, one of the things that can really help is to bring the filler, so that you can be sure that there’s things there that you can continue to munch on throughout the party that aren’t high in calories,” Gwennap said. “When I say filler, I mean things like raw fresh fruits and vegetables.”

She said even if you do overindulge, make sure your next meal is healthy and incorporate exercise into your routine.

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