UMMC adds technology that can detect spice drug quicker

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Doctors in Mississippi have been consistently treating patients all year who have overdosed on the spice drug. Nowt he University of Mississippi medical center is introducing some new technology that could help save lives by detecting it quicker. “Instead of a two hour prep time, we’re looking at 10 minutes,” Dr. Patrick Kyle said.

This University of Mississippi Medical Center is rolling out something new, that doctors are hoping will help save the lives of patients they see.The hospital has purchased a medical device known as Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry. It is state of the art chemistry equipment that can pinpoint substances down to the decimal. Doctors say it can come in handy in cases of spice users.

It is been very difficult to identify the synthetics because there’s no data for them,” Dr Kyle said. “Now… The molecular configuration is contained. it’s not broken up as much and it’s much easier to identify.”

Identifying what’s in a person’s system quicker will help technicians so that they can treat patients immediately based on their needs. Spice i made up of a group of chemicals, that mimic the effects of T-H-C found marijuana. In a lot of those cases, the patients have overdosed, and aren’t in a state where they can tell doctors what they took.

“One patient started thrashing on the floor. Became incoherent and had to be sedated incubated because he was having seizure like symptoms. Other patients were again out of their mind and paranoid, combative. It’s just really an overdose type situation,” Dr. Kyle said.

Before now, the technicians were using equipment close to 20 years old. It still worked, but it definitely needed to be replaced. Despite the warnings, these medical professionals tell us they don’t expect to see a steep decline in people using spice. With that being said, they want to be prepared.

“My Advice is to stay away from it. You really don’t know what you’re buying or how potent it is.,”
Dr. Kyle said. “You don’t know what compounds are in there. When someone is in a pattern of drug abuse, until they abstain from that and resolve themselves from that they’re going to continue try to seek mental relief or emotional relief from whatever they are running from.”

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