Video: New Mexico mailman: ‘That bullet missed me probably by two inches’

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Police lapel video and a 911 call reveal just how close an Albuquerque mailman was to getting shot while on the job in his work truck.

Bullet holes riddled the U.S. Postal Service carrier’s truck, just missing him. The mailman was on the phone with 911 to report a threat when bullets went flying.

“He basically said, ‘Don’t get shot while you’re working,’” the mailman told an officer. “And I was like ‘what?’”

An Albuquerque mailman described to a police officer what happened the day he cheated death.

“I heard it whizzing by me, the bullet,” said the mailman.

The shooting happened last month. The mailman said he stopped at the San Pedro Smoke Shop to deliver mail, when a man in a white BMW accused the mailman of giving him a bad look, and threatened him.

The mail carrier called 911 to report the person making threats.

“He was arguing and chasing this guy down, and he pulled a gun out on him,” the mailman told a 911 dispatcher. “It’s too much violence going on.”

The postal worker was driving his work truck as he gave dispatch the BMW’s license plate number.

“It’s traveling southbound,” the mailman told the dispatcher. Then, gunshots were heard in the background.

“He shot at me! He shot at me ma’am!” The mailman told 911. He said he heard about six gun shots, but he wasn’t hit.

“This is crazy, people are losing their mind these days,” he said. “He shot my post office truck.”

The man drove back to the post office near Central and San Mateo.

“Look at how close the bullet missed me!” The postal carrier showed co-workers his bullet-riddled truck as he arrived at the station.

An Albuquerque Police officer’s lapel video shows the side window of the mailman’s truck was shattered. There was a bullet hole in another window, bullet holes in the driver’s door and steering column.

Investigators tracked down and arrested the suspected shooter, 19-year-old Isaiah Alexander. His girlfriend and driver, 20-year-old Montana Harper, was also arrested.

Alexander told officers he wanted to “scare” the mailman when he fired shots.

“That bullet missed me probably by two inches,” the mailman told the 911 dispatcher. “Oh my goodness,” the female dispatcher replied.

The boyfriend and girlfriend duo are facing federal charges, since the mailman is a government worker. The post office wouldn’t comment, pending the federal investigation.

According to court documents, investigators found the gun used in the shooting in the female driver’s purse.

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