City of Jackson freezes water shut-offs for some customers

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)–The city of Jackson says for now it won’t shut off the water for customers after a series of problems with the billing system.

But as WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus reports this is only applies to people who paid their bills on time before the new system started.

“It’s a mess, a mess. A total mess,” said Veronica Ballard.

Veronica Ballard says she has always paid her water bill on time, but a few months ago she was handed a $2800 bill after the city switched billing systems.

Since then every bill has increased.

“Because i know my bill shouldn’t be that much. What are they saying your bill is now? It’s up to 3000,” said Ballard.

Ballard like many other customers have filed appeals with the city over high water bills.

“I’m just really just  frustrated so far with everything that’s going on, and it’s been just a hectic situation,” said Ballard.

Although she says she wasn’t afraid the city would shut off her water… She’s nervous her next bill will continue to climb.

“Stay calm stay posted with the appeal and make sure everything goes through,” said Ballard.

A city spokeswoman says customers who have received an unusually high water bill should contact the water department and they will investigate all of those claims individually.

They also say are reaching out to the community.

But Ballard remains frustrated.

“Because i really don’t know what my water bill is. They really need to just go get it situated and then i can be able to get back on track with everything,” said Ballard.

After a month she says she is still waiting for an update on her appeal.

“They have my number but no one has called me yet down the water department so hopefully they can give me a call or they can just handle everything like they are supposed to.”

City officials say customers should continue to pay their bill and contact the water department with any problems at 601-960-2000.

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