Car break-ins at Jackson neighborhood

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Residents in a South Jackson neighborhood say they’re fed up.

Two cars in the Cedar Grove subdivision were broken into overnight.

Neighbors say this isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with problems in their backyards.

“We raised the garage and walked out and I say … What! ” Gwendolyn Pittman, a homeowner in the Cedar Grove subdivision, said.

What had Gwendolyn Smith and her daughter in disbelief was realizing someone had broken into the family’s Ford Explorer.

The burglars didn’t take anything, but they did break the SUV’s window.

Pittman says break-ins happen so much here in Cedar Grove she unlocks her doors on purpose.

“Normally, I leave them open. So normally when they go in there and see there is nothing there they can get out,” Pittman said.

Thieves also had their way with this man’s car.

“I thought this was a safe area nobody was going to mess with anything. I come outside my car was trashed. I had a good little bit of money in my middle console and they got that,” a Cedar Grove subdivision resident said.

Pittman hopes something can be done before thieves strike again.

“That’s sad, I pay rent. I should be able to stay at my own house without having to worry about waking up. It’s been instances where my sister and they came here and visit. She walked out and they were ready to get into her car.” Pittman said.

People in Flowood are dealing with the same problem.

Police believe two men broke into several cars in a Rankin County subdivision.

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