Southside Auto broken into … again

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – it’s not the first time or even the second time a Jackson business owner has been hit by thieves.

For the fourth time this year, a Jackson business owner is left repairing his property and preparing to replace stolen parts.

Thieves hit Southside Auto on Saturday.

‘We noticed someone had been in again. So we went in and checked the cameras. We found, well we got 2 guys on camera,” Michael Jones, Sales Manager of Southside Auto, said.

The thieves never went inside the business.

But you can see them going through cars on surveillance video.

They got away with some batteries, a steering wheel

and a tape player they took from a mobile home.

“It’s somebody with a mindset of they just want to take. It’s beginning to be an endeavor for us to come in and check, Not expecting but looking for something every morning.”

Right now, there is no way of knowing if the two men who broke in early Saturday morning  hit the place before.

It could be several different people, but they been here more than once.

Jones says the community has been a big help.

“One of the guys that we got on camera, we got information from the community saying he may be on house arrest. That’s something that we probably are going to look into or the police can look into.”

The owner of Southside Auto says they have boosted their security and he’s not planning to move his business.

The owner says he is still offering the $5, 000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest.

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