Clinton Coin Laundry owner gives customers cash

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – “I’m going to play Santa Claus today.”

Key Ramsey owns Coin Laundry in Clinton. Last Wednesday while he was at his store picking up some money, he ended up giving away cash to everyone in the coin laundry store off of Clinton Boulevard.

“One lady started crying the rest of them were kind of excited, so it made me feel really good,” he said.

Omega Roberts was at the store when her boss came in, grabbed a stack of cash, and surprised everyone doing their laundry.

“Nobody would have thought somebody would come in and give somebody some money in a laundromat,” she said.

One of the customers who received money, Falona Harris tells us every little bit counts and she really appreciated Ramsey’s kindness.

He said this was intended to be a random holiday act of kindness.

“I just just like giving back like I told you I’d rather it be anonymous, but you caught it on Facebook, ” he said. “We feel like we owe the community for how blessed we’ve been in our business.”

Roberts hopes people will take this gift and pay it forward.

“Of course, I am inspired a lot,” she said. “I’m happy for them. It makes me feel good that i have a boss that actually care and give.”

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