Deadly Christmas Eve shooting in Brookhaven

Brookhaven, Miss.- A shootout leaves two people dead in Brookhaven, and we’re told it all started with a robbery.

The Brookhaven Police Chief tells us 17-year old Jaquarius Jones broke into the home of 22-year old Julian Gayten, both had guns — and both opened fire at each other.

Gayten died in the home, and Jones was able to run from the house, but later died from his injuries.

Now, 17-year old Marionne Keys is also facing charges in this case.

Police say earlier she went to Gayten’s home to make sure he was alone.

Gayten’s uncle talked to us about his loss.

“It’s devastating on my whole entire family, and probably this whole community — you know brookhaven isn’t used to this. I grew up in this place and we aren’t used to a lot of killing,” said Ray Gayten.

Police say Marionne Keys is being charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit murder.

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