Man still missing in Benton County after tornado

Michael Nunnally

BENTON COUNTY, Miss. (WREG) — Search and rescue crews were out in full force in Benton County on Thursday, following a devastating tornado the day before.

Two victims have been pulled from the debris off County Church Road. One man, Michael Nunnally, 47, is still missing.

“He’s missing. The whole house, the entire house is gone,” said Nunnally’s mother, Maxine. She spent the day at the search site.

Crews and dogs combed through the area looking for him.

Maxine told WREG she hoped “that he’ll be found, hopefully alive, but if not, I can accept that too, but I just want him found.”

NunnallyShe said Nunnally is a father of a six and about to celebrate a birthday this weekend.

“I really don’t know what to say about Michael. He just enjoy life, love people, people love him, and he loves this place,” she said.

He works in Jackson, Mississippi, but was home for the holidays.

“We’ve got search and rescue workers from all the surrounding counties, I think some here out of Tennessee,” said Sheriff Arnie McMullen.

Neighbors Tony and Kenneth Bryant gave WREG a tour of the search area on their ATVs. Up close, one could see mattresses, clothes scattered and trees blown over sideways.

“We came out here looking, we formed a search party this morning,” said Tony Bryant.

Bryant and a friend found one of the victims on a hill Thursday morning.

The victims have been identified as William Crawford and Patricia Williams. They were in the same home Nunnally was.

“That’s what’s so hard about trying to find these people that are missing. Look what they have to try to look through,” Bryant said.

Crews called off the search for the day when the sun set. WREG is told some people might return to the search area Christmas Day.

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