Mother of missing Benton County man: ‘I need some closure’


It’s been a very difficult Christmas for Maxine Nunnally and her family. Her son Michael Nunnally, has been missing since a tornado tore through his home in Ashland, Mississippi.

“Right now, my family is trying to be strong, his nephew seemed to be taken it worse than anyone,” said Nunnally.

She said her son was a joy to be around.

“He kept a smile on his face. He was never angry about anything and if he was it did not last for long,” said Nunnally.

She said she will hold on and smile as the family pushes through these difficult times.

“He wouldn’t want anyone sitting around weeping or worrying about him, “said Nunnally “I can come to grips with him gone, but i need some closure as to where he is.”

Nunnally said search crews planned to look on Friday, but had to postpone the search due to rain.





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