$10k fireworks go off during Lamar County fire

Lamar County (WJTV) – A fire sent fireworks shooting into air in Lamar County just after midnight New Year’s Day.

It all happened at the Lake Serene Lawn Depot’s fireworks stand.

After employees stopped selling fireworks Thursday night, they decided to shoot some themselves.

Five minutes into shooting those fireworks, the building where they keep them went up in flames sending fireworks shooting everywhere.

“We’re not sure exactly what happened,” John Point, part-owner of Lake Serene Lawn Depot said. “It happened very fast and some sparks got into the fireworks that we were selling, and it went up instantaneously,” he said.

Neighbors in the area were shocked when they heard all of those fireworks going off at one time.

“This sounded a little bit more than necessary,” Josh Ellard said. He continued on to say it sounded like a war zone.

Point tells us about $10,000 worth of fireworks were destroyed in the fire.

The owners and employees are thankful no one was hurt.

Lake Serene Lawn Depot sells lawn furniture, decorations, plants and swing sets.

The owners tell us they’re happy nearly $35,000 worth swing sets that are on the property didn’t get destroyed.


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