Rankin County officials speak out about Councilman Stokes’ comments

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – “Let’s get rocks, let get bricks and let’s get bottles and start throwing them and then they won’t come in here anymore.”

Councilman Kenneth Stokes made these comments on Thursday during an interview about high-speed chases into Jackson from other jurisdictions.

This all started after recent a chase into Jackson from Richland. Richland PD was following a man who’s accused of assaulting people in a Walmart parking lot after police say he was shoplifting.

“Let’s get rocks, let’s get brick, and let’s get bottles and we’ll start throwing them. Then they won’t come in here anymore,”  Councilman Stokes said.

The statements made from Councilman Stokes regarding other jurisdictions chasing suspects into Jackson has leaders in Rankin County concerned.

“Councilman Stokes is the one citing racism and violence against police officers which is totally unbelievable for an elected official,” Bryan Bailey, the Sheriff of Rankin County, said.

“I believe it is ludacris for an elected official to make those types of statement,” Michael Guest, the District Attorney for Madison and Rankin County, said.

Law enforcement is worried people would actually retaliate against officers

because Stokes has a large following in the metro area.

There have been several chases that started in Rankin County that ended in Jackson.

The most recent one that got Stokes’ attention involved Eric Singleton.

He was accused of shoplifting in Richland and assaulting 2 people.

He got away and police followed him. The chase ended in Jackson.

“Councilman Stokes has a very short memory. He didn’t have any problems with us from Rankin County coming over there when they had a riot at the jail when they had a police officer shot. When all these Rankin County deputies responded then nobody was yelling anything about us being over there,” Sheriff Bailey said.

The Rankin County sheriff says he and his deputies fully support Hinds County.

They are a brotherhood of law enforcement; they will always be there to help at all costs.

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