Does Kenneth Stokes’ comments raise legitimate questions?

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s no secret… Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes offended a lot of people when talked about throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at police.

However, is the underlying issue that he was presenting a legitimate one?

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance says high-speed chases coming into the city of Jackson is a serious problem.

Chief Lee Vance made it a point to tell us he could never agree with what Councilman Stokes suggested but he does think something needs to be done in regard to high-speed chases into Jackson.

“I would never condone a violent act against a police officer. I just won’t do it,” Chief Vance said.

Chief Vance is standing firm on his position in the Kenneth Stokes controversy.

“It’s kind of hard for me to say what people will or will not do. I will just say it’s something I don’t agree with, and I will not condone that, ever,” Chief Vance said.

But something else Chief Vance does not condone is the idea of putting citizens in harm’s way, for what he calls unnecessary police chases.

“High-speed chases coming into the city of Jackson, by outside agencies, pursuing misdemeanor suspects, is an unnecessary risk. I prefer that those chases not be conducted inside the city limits of Jackson,” Chief Vance said.

Police don’t have an exact number of pursuits in 2015 from other jurisdictions that ended in Jackson, but there were several.

WJTV went back and found, at least, four in its’ archives.

Two out of Rankin County, one in Richland, and another starting in Clinton.

Chief Vance says the comments made by Kenneth Stokes have overshadowed the most serious issue at hand.

“That’s the core issue that we should be dealing with as it relates to what’s been going on for the last three or four days. I’m not really concerned about protocol right now. I’m not really concerned about jurisdictional lines to be quite honest. I’m strictly concerned about safety,” Chief Vance said.



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