Madison County Supervisors meeting gets heated

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Things got heated at the Madison County Supervisors meeting Monday.

The issue they were arguing about didn’t get settled.

The boiling pot inside the Madison County Supervisors meeting erupted over whether or not Madison County officially hired the Madison Election Commission Attorney, Wesley Evans.

” I’m not talking to you boy.” That’s what Madison County District 4 Supervisor Paul Griffin yelled at the District 1 Election Commissioner Timothy Jenkins.

“First off I am not a boy,” Jenkins replied. “And I have not been disrespectful to you Mr. Griffin but I can be.”

Jenkins said this all started because the Board hadn’t officially hired Evans, because there wasn’t a contract saying so.

“I did speak out of turn, but i don’t think that warranted a ‘boy,’ Jenkins said. “But I’m not going to expect anything different.”

“I’m not sorry for what I’ve done, because the devil gets in everybody,” Griffin said. “But me and this guy got a history and I let him get under my skin. I usually don’t do that because I’m not taking none of it back. I do apologize to my president because he wasn’t apart of that issue.”

The board still couldn’t figure out whether or not Wesley Evans is on the payroll.


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