Vicksburg woman preparing to leave her home due to flood

VICKSBURG, Miss (WJTV)- The city of Vicksburg is under a flood warning and people living in low lying areas are bracing themselves for the rising waters.

“It’s just sad that you have to move you know. Just really sad” says Mrs. Bertha Mae Carson. She and her husband have lived in their home on Hudson for 60 years. At 82 years old, this is not the first time the Vicksburg woman has had to deal with flooding.

Mrs. Carson says in “2011 we had to move out. 1973 we had to move out.” She adds, “you hate to leave your home for one thing and then you have a lot of repairs to do once you come back.” Some of those repairs she says she’s been working on since the 2011 flood.

Empty boxes sit outside on her front porch- waiting to be filled. While other boxes, ready to go, are pilled up in her hallway and on top of the TV stand. “We already packing up. Get got everything almost packed up, says Carson.” She says almost everything is packed and they are working on getting their things to a storage facility.

Outside crews from the water department work to fix a water valve in her yard. When the couple leaves for the flood they will be able to shut off all the water to the home.

In a neighborhood close by, water is already covering streets. Flood waters are rising in wooded areas. The mayor of Vicksburg, George Flaggs, says he’s doing whatever it takes to help the city get ready for the flood.

“I am prepared as mayor of this city to lead by example,” says Flaggs. “I am prepared to help with sandbags, digging, putting up flood walls and help folks move whatever is necessary for the next 2 weeks.” A response team has been put in place to assist with the flooding. Vicksburg police have went door to door warning people whose homes may be in danger.

There will be an open forum Tuesday at City Hall, at 5:30 pm, for anyone who would like to address concerns.

The mayor says he wants people in the flood zone areas- like Mrs. Carson- to know the city is working to help make sure they are safe. Carson says she and her husband will be going to stay with their granddaughter until they can move back into their home.

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