60-year-resident of Vicksburg not worried about flood

VICKSBURG, Miss. – Flooding is imminent for the River City. Warren County EMA Director John Elfer has concerns for the rainfall that may accompany the floodwaters. In particular, he’s worried about the Green Meadow Subdivision near Highway 61 in Vicksburg.

“I was worried at first but I said it’s not going to get as deep as it was before and it did not come over the railroad at that time. So I said well I’m not going to worry about it this time,” for Juanita Boggan, she’s not worried. Boggan has lived in the Green Meadow neighborhood since the 50’s. She’s weathered the flood of ’73 and 2011. “I’m not going to move out,” she protests unless she’s forced to evacuate. She and others in the neighborhood are relying on a railroad bed to protect them from any waters. “I don’t believe it’s going to get over here to our house,” assures Boggan.

The neighborhood sits on an incline. If rain joins in with the predicted flooding, Elfer is worried the water won’t drain.

“Our house is built up on a foundation and so that’s three feet more up. I don’t think it’s going to get in our house even if it comes across the railroad,” says Boggan.

Experts predict the Mighty Mississippi to crest January 15th. Mary Landers, who owns Levee Street Marketplace say’s she’ll be open.

“This is our business. This is our livelihood and I have to take care of them,” says Landers.

The 2011 flood touched the bottom of her business. She closed for months costing her bottom line thousands of dollars. But she won’t waver. What would it take to close her business down?

“I guess if Entergy comes and shuts my power off, that’s going to be it,” says Landers.

Elfer suggests anyone living near the Warren/Issaquena county line and the Green Meadow Subdivision should have an evacuation plan in place.


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