MDOT prepares for flooding, closes Warren County road

Photo Courtesy: MDOT

WARREN COUNTY, Miss; (WJTV) – The Mississippi Department of Transportation is in the process of closing two roads due to the expected impact of flooding.

MDOT crews are in the process of staging equipment in those areas.

The expected areas are the following:

Warren County: SR 465 from U.S. 61 to the backwater levee in Warren County. The closure will be made at 6 p.m on January 6, 2016 and remain in place until further notice.

Yazoo County: US 149/SR 16 in Yazoo County from the Whittington West Levee Road to Ericson Road. The closure will go in effect when needed and remain in place until further notice.

MDOT is working with officials in several counties to assess potential road closures in all areas. Counties that could be affected include but not limited to Issaquena, Warren, Wilkinson and Yazoo Counties.

Please keep the following in mind if you come across rising water:

  • Avoid already flooded areas. A flowing stream can carry a vehicle downstream.
  • Never drive through a flooded area.
  • If you are driving at night, be especially cautious as it is harder to recognize flood conditions.
  • Never drive around a barricaded road.
  • If your vehicle stalls, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. Rising water can engulf a vehicle and its occupants.

MDOT will continue to monitor the potential for flooding and maintain the safety of motorists in the affected counties.

Photo Courtesy: MDOT
Photo Courtesy: MDOT

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