Public safety is top concern for Vicksburg officials

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Vicksburg officials say public safety is their number one priority.

This comes as floodwater continues to rise and take over some Vicksburg streets.

Officials are calling for all citizens to look out for one another and say if you can’t see the roads don’t drive or walk on it.

Authorities say back in 2011, one person drowned.

Police say they knocked on about 100 doors to let the public know about rising flood waters and to avoid any injuries.

One Vicksburg man says he’s moving out now to avoid the high waters that pushed him out of his home just a few years ago.

“Big, big headache, sick and tired of this, I’m moving in and moving right back out again, I’m just sick of it,” Gerald Maxey, a Vicksburg resident, said.

Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong says he’s doing everything he can to keep people safe.

City officials had a meeting today and they plan to have more meetings as the water creeps closer to homes and businesses.

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