Girl walks out room, car hits apartment building moments later

RICHLAND, Miss. (WJTV) — A narrow escape for a little girl in Richland Tuesday night after a car hit an apartment building.

9-year-old Efa Blockson was sitting in her room at an apartment complex off Industrial Drive before the car crashed into it.

She and her brother are just thankful they weren’t hurt.

” It was just like a car,” she sad. “All I saw was a backed car first. I went in my room to see the damage and it was a big kinda scratched and a hole on the wall and then I came outside with my mama and I saw the back of the car like in the front of the building.”

Witnesses told us the driver of the car was shaking after he crash. We’re told several people at the apartment complex rushed over to help him. There’s no word on how he’s doing at this time. We are still trying to determine what caused him to crash and how he’s doing.

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