Yazoo County high schooler arrested after threats and claiming affiliation with ISIS

A Yazoo County high schooler is arrested on campus after threatening to kill another student.
Authorities say the teen also claimed on social media that he was affiliated with ISIS.
Chief Investigator Terry Gann with the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office says a 15-year old student at Yazoo County High School was messaging another student on Twitter Tuesday night.
“He was talking to him and the kid would not reply that angered him. He then said I’m going to kill you I’m going to kill myself my life is worthless, says Gann.
The student then went on to describe how he was going to go through with it.
“He was going to bring a knife and kill him,” says Gann.
Investigator Gann says the student then took to Facebook and made a status about being connected to a terrorist group, “That’s where he said he was connected with ISIS.”
Investigator Gann says he got the anonymous tip late Tuesday night.
At first they thought it the threats were directed at other students as well but now they believe only one student was targeted.
“And I was up all night trying to get his identity find out where he lived before he could get to the school,” says Gann.
The student, who won’t be named because he is a juvenile, was arrested after getting off the bus Wednesday morning.
“The only thing he had on him was some ammo. He was making a necklace. We found that in his book bag,” says Gann, “We searched his home and we found no rifle that uses that type of ammo.”
The teen is being held at the juvenile detention center in Yazoo County.
Investigator Gann says nothing ties him to ISIS, “He was just bluffing trying to scare the kid he was threatening.”
The teen is being charged with cyber stalking and harassment.
The FBI is assisting in the investigation.
The superintendent of the school district says she’s meeting with the school board to determine if and how the student will be disciplined.

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