Jackson’s City Council passes resolutions regarding high-speed chases and Jackson-Evers Airport

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Tuesday’s nighttime city council meeting was the first time Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes sat among his fellow council members after making controversial comments.

On Thursday, December 31, 2015, Councilman Stokes suggested “throwing rocks, bricks and bottles” at police who chase suspects into Jackson.

Stokes brought up that issue in the meeting.

The council passed a resolution opposing high-speed chases through Jackson by outside jurisdictions.

It passed three to one.

Stokes brought up the role race plays in the issue of high-speed chases, claiming that 99% of officers who chase suspects into the city are white.

WJTV’s Beth Alexander asked, “Would it change his opinion if the officers were black?”

“I wouldn’t care if it was polka dots, mayor, officer, whatever. But it’s a danger to these children. And like I ask anybody, would you want your child to be in that type of danger,” Councilman Stokes said.

This resolution is only the council stating their wishes and opinion on the issue.

Jackson’s council members are also letting the state know where they stand on the issue of a possible transfer of power when it comes to running the Jackson-Evers airport.

They unanimously passed a resolution opposing state legislation that would diminish the power and discretion of the city to appoint commissioners to the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority.

Councilman De’Keither Stamps believes this could affect other cities and says they should band together.

Other council members believed the state should honor their agreement to allow the city to run the airport.

“We’re  not talking about a five-year deal. 10-year-deal. We’re talking about deals they go down across generations. The state of Mississippi is now trying to renege on the deal that was made 40, 50 years ago,” Melvin Priester, the President of the  Jackson City Council, said.

this debate started after one lawmaker said he would file a bill to give control of the airport to the state and have a tri-county authority to oversee it.

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