Mother says teenager shot outside of school doing well

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Imagine spending Christmas recovering from a bullet wound.

That was the case for one Jackson teenager.

Jadarious Ivy was the 8th grader that was shot in the leg in December outside of Rowan Middle School.

Ivy’s mother says her son is taking it day by day.

“He’s just 14-years-old,he’s still a baby,” Ms. Ivy said.

Jadarious Ivy is the youngest of four.

Ms. Ivy says a late afternoon call on December 17 changed her life forever

“She said Ms. Ivy… Jadarious has been shot, I couldn’t do nothing but drop the phone and run out the building and get to my car and go straight to the school,” Ms. Ivy said. “I could see blood on the ground … the ambulance tried to stop the bleeding.”

Jadarious needed over 30 pints of blood for his leg wound that shattered part of his femur.

“I’m so thankful that he made it, he’s doing well. I appreciate all the calls the concerns the prayers,” Ms. Ivy said.

Ms. Ivy wants to thank the staff at Rowan Middle School for their quick action to call for help.

“Some people are just scared to tell what’s going on in the streets, and I do understand that but things will take its course and God is going to take care of it,”Ms. Ivy said.

Ms. Ivy has forgiven the shooter because she says her son is alive and life goes on.

WJTV asked, “If you had a message to give to the person behind shooting your son what would that message be?”

“We pray for you,” Ms. Ivy said.

Ms. Ivy says he is recovering well but says it’ll be a while before he can hit the classroom again.



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