People packing up to leave in Warren County

It’s been nearly a week since families who live in the Ford subdivision in Vicksburg left everything behind before water flooded their homes.
Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace says the water is more than 8 feet in some areas.
“We’re driving down a paved street, Williams Street right, now. Seven feet below us is a paved city street,” says Sheriff Pace.
Since the 2011 flood, Sheriff Pace says many homes were left empty, “At one time this subdivision, known as Ford subdivision was very crowded very active subdivision, homes on every lot, grocery stores and churches, but flood after flood has taken its toll on this area.”
The 2011 flood rose to 57.1 feet at the Vicksburg gauge and at last check it was over 49 feet Wednesday.
“There was significantly more water here about 7 feet more water here in 2011,” says Sheriff Pace.
Even though a street over is under water, Felix Younger Jr. says he’s not leaving until the water reaches his yard, “No I’m not nervous I got a plan. I got a plan to leave.”
He says most of his neighbors evacuated last week.
“They got to go. 2011 it was all the way up to that woman over there so you got to get out of here,” says Younger.
For some people like Ryan Ballard, who live in the Eagle Lake area, the flood hasn’t been hard on them.
“We have not lost any kind of power or television phone service everything has sort of been pretty much the same as usual just takes a little longer to get to town,” says Ballard.
And the longer drive is because Highway 465 closed last week.
Although Ballard says his home hasn’t been affected, deer have been pushed out of theirs.
“A lot of deer displaced not really seeing a whole lot else but the deer are just so prominent in this area that when the water came up to the levee they all came to our side and their everywhere all day,” says Ballard.
The Mississippi River is expected to crest Friday.

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