Vicksburg leaders and others meet about flood conditions

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — The worst may be behind the City of Vicksburg as far as flooding is concerned but cleanup and recovery is just ahead for officials.

In Friday’s meeting, Mayor George Flaggs discussed where the river stands.

Since the Mississippi River is cresting, officials from several counties and cities came together with a plan of action for when the river drops.

Officials tell us that 30 homes were affected in the city and 42 people are displaced. We’re told that 20 of those people have been provided in temporary housing. We’re told that about 73 people in Warren County were displaced.

About 14 county roads are closed along with eight city streets. Two private county roads are also closed.

More than $58,100 has been spent on flooding supplies. Mayor Flaggs would like to see the city reimbursed by the federal government.

“They have a threshold they have to meet and it takes all the disaster into consideration, not just a county,” he said. “So we’re just waiting on that, and hopefully, we can do that to get reimbursed. That kind of money is a lot of money in a budget that was not budgeted for.”

The Mayor said he expects the ending cost to be around $100,000 including labor and overtime. The money is currently coming out of a general fund.

Mayor Flaggs said he plans to rework his budget and make cuts where he can for this unexpected expense.

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