Clinton movie theater to close this summer

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — The metro area is losing a movie theater, this time in Clinton.

The United Artist Movie Theater in Clinton will close in the Spring. UDC Global, an investment firm that bought the theater, says it’s under contract to close at the end of June.

“I can understand the dollars and figure that go into that kind is decision,” Nancy Walter, who doesn’t want to see the theater close. “But I believe that if we concentrated more on how our services affect customers and the users we would be a lot better off.”

Some who live in the area are upset about the news.

“Unless there’s something wrong with the place and it’s necessary, I think they need to restore it and maybe put a few extra dollars into instead of do away with it,” said Omar Kazeery.

“I feel like Clinton is losing a lot,” Jennifer Rogers said. “Really there’s the movie theater here and the bowling alley and that’s really all we have.”

Once the theater closes, residents will have to drive to Pearl, Flowood, Ridgeland, or Madison.


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