Jackson Medical Mall releases statement about health fraud investigaton

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Jackson Medical Mall has released a statement about Thursday’s FBI raid at a business located there.

The staff said the FBI came to a pharmacy located inside the Medical Mall. They said the pharmacy is independently owned and operated; the pharmacy has no affiliation with other businesses at the facility.

They said they don’t have any details about Thursday’s raid.

The statement also said that the Medical Mall is a mixed-use facility that houses several businesses.

Read the full statement below:

On Thursday, January 21, 2016, a pharmacy located within the Jackson Medical Mall was visited by the FBI. While the pharmacy is housed within the Jackson Medical Mall’s facility, it is independently owned and operated, and has no affiliation with any other business or organization located within our facility.

We are aware that this visit sparked great concern with the public, and that several questions and myths have surfaced. However, at this time we have no details on the reason for yesterday’s visit.

Please note that the Jackson Medical Mall is a mixed-use facility, housing a variety of medical, retail and business services.  While the facility is owned and managed by the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation, each business and organization located within the facility is owned and operated independently of the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation.

Thank you for your growing interest in the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation as we continue to foster a holistic approach to healthcare and promote community and economic development.  Follow us online to stay abreast of the progressive programs and initiatives that frequently occur within our facility and community.

Agencies involved in the investigation have been tight-lipped because they are under a court order. However, some details have been released. The FBI led the raid at OPUS RX at the Jackson Medical Mall. So far, the FBI has seized $15 million in assets. We’re told that hundreds of people have been interviewed and several vehicles, planes and boats, along with money from 80 bank accounts, were seized.

The investigation started with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics but has since been turned over to federal authorities. An MBN spokesperson says 9 warrants were issued in Mississippi and warrants were served in Alabama, Florida and Utah.

According to The Decatur Daily, a newspaper in Decatur, Alabama, a warehouse there was also raided. The newspaper reports that the Department of Defense Criminal Investigation Division is involved in the investigation. The DODIG investigates health care fraud and focuses on cases involving patient harm, corruption or kickback schemes, overcharging for medical goods and services, and marketing drugs for uses not approved by the FDA.

A spokesperson for the Mississippi Pharmacy Board says they have been involved in the investigation and more developments are expected in coming weeks.

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