Tornado Rips Through Pinola

SIMPSON COUNTY, Miss. – Thursday’s line of severe weather left it’s mark across the state, and in Pinola it was devastation.

“About 6 o’clock I heard something, I heard wind then all of a sudden I heard a bump,” Resident Billy Ellzy, said.

That “bump” is believed to be a power line that went crashing down.

Teams of utility crews worked to get the power back on in Pinola.

“We were fortunate that we weren’t in it, and I just feel for the families that were in the tornado — that’s a bad feeling,” Ellzy explained.

A feeling neighbor Johnny Bush now knows all to well, two of his homes were damaged in the storm.

“We’ve been blessed, it could have been a whole lot worse,” Bush said.

Friends, family, and church members spent much of the day helping Bush clean up two of his homes that are badly damaged.

“We just wondered what we’d do–we prayed and I thank the lord we were spared,” Bush explained.

In frigid temperatures with no power, living where the tornado left it’s mark, the people in Pinola are thankful for no deaths or injuries.

“You can replace a house, but you can’t replace a life,” Bush said.

“We take things for granted sometimes, and it’s tough–we’re going to make it,” Ellzy said. “The Lord is not going to put anything on us that we can’t stand.”

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