Tracking winter weather as it moves across Mississippi

Jackson, MS (WJTV) – We’re tracking a strong weather system moving across the south.

That winter weather system is bringing the threat of severe weather and snow with it. The worst of the storm will heavily impact North Mississippi and Tennessee.

We could see some of those icy conditions and snow further south in the Mississippi Delta.

In the Jackson Metro, we could see a light wintry mix. That means snow, rain and sleet are all possible Friday morning. There could also be a few icy spots on bridges and overpasses.

Storm Team 12 Meteorologist Terran Kirksey will be tracking the system all morning long.

Our WJTV Mobile WX Lab will be on the road showing you what conditions are like in real time.

We also have crews placed in areas that’ll be more likely to freeze over. They’ll give you live updates on WJTV This Morning about driving conditions.

We’re also tracking any school closures or delays that may pop up. You can find that information here.

Not in front of a television? No problem. You can watch our live streaming news here.

Stay with WJTV 12 for coverage on social media as well. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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