Monday morning Bay Street fire worries business owners

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A building catches fire today in the Virden Addition community and it has neighbors wondering who or what is  behind it.

Jackson Fire investigators are still working to determine the cause.

At this point, it’s a question without an answer…how did a vacant building catch fire Monday morning?

Today WJTV’s Lauren Fluker spoke with two business owners who say vacant buildings are a problem and they cause more worry than they should.

“Someone had to do it because abandoned buildings just don’t blaze up,” Odis Ross, a Virden Addition Business Owner, said.

Ten crews from Jackson Fire Department started Monday morning responding to a Bay Street building on fire.

“The fire started up over there and I just walked over and checked it out and tried to see what was going on,” the unidentified business owner who called 911 said.

According to Jackson Fire’s Cleotha Sanders, the Old Yazoo Manufacturing Company caught fire around 9 a.m. Monday morning.

Magic Hands is a nearby business that has only been open for about eight months. The owner didn’t want to go on camera but tells me he is bothered by the number of vacancies in this neighborhood.

“You know I can only do what I can to try and bring up my business,” the business owner said.

The owner says he called 911 after seeing the flames Monday morning.

He says the abandoned property breed bad things in the Virden Addition community.

“I suggest they clear all these abandoned houses and properties on down because you know it leaves room for people to go and start stuff like that,” the business owner said.

Just a few streets over another business owner said …

“It had to blaze up some kind of way.” Odis Ross said.

Ross says the vacancies cause unnecessary worry for him and the business he runs.

“You worry people trespassing, you just have a lot of worry on you — even the homeowners most of them worry about different things,” Ross said.

The fire is under investigation at this time.



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