Richland PD Chief talks about Saturday chase into Jackson

Jackson, Miss. — A car chase that started in Richland Saturday ended in a crash in Jackson. Travis Williams and Christopher Jenkins are behind bars. They’re accused of stealing a car and refusing to stop for police. We’re told a Hinds County deputy and a car with five people all crashed along with that stolen car. The deputy involved in the crash was shaken up, but no one was seriously injured.

Monday, Richland Police Chief Russel James talked about the chase, “This is about breaking the law. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong. As far as I know stealing your car, stealing property that doesn’t belong to you is still a felony crime in the state of Mississippi.” Chief James says Williams and Jenkins have long rap sheets and were on probation when they stole the car.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes says law enforcement shouldn’t have chased the men while putting people’s lives in danger. Adofo Minka with the National Conference of Black Lawyers agrees but says the issue is being overshadowed, “The main issue is the safety of people in Jackson and that’s not being discussed. It’s being made a controversial situation and sensationalized between Kenny Stokes and elected officials up through the highest level up through the government. I don’t think that should be the issue.”

Watch Minka’s full interview here:

Pearl police officers along with Hinds County deputies assisted in the chase. Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason believes there needs to be a discussion, “We need to get some type of agreement. It’s sad to say you don’t want a child that’s going after a ball to run after that ball and get hit by a cruiser.”

Chief James says there are reasons he would not allow a chase, “If they were too dangerous whatever that is we’re not going to, try not to put unnecessarily their lives or property at danger.”

Watch James’ full interview here:


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