Flood water closes Highway 80 in Scott County

SCOTT COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A major road and neighborhood in Scott County were flooded throughout the morning after Tuesday’s severe weather.

One woman even had to be rescued from her home because of the high water.

Water covered both sides of Highway 80 in Morton and it ran over into a nearby neighborhood.

Fire crews had to rescue 92-year-old Luna Ferrell after she couldn’t get out of her house.

“Last night, my brother drove down here at 1 o-clock in the morning and it was not flooded and she would not leave. So he kept checking on her during the night and at 6:15 this morning he found out it was flooded,” Joann Banes, Ferrell’s niece, said.

These are photos were given to WJTV by family members after Ferrell was taken away from her home by boat.

WJTV’s Natay Holmes was told the woman has lived in the area for years.

This is not the first time her home has flooded but she does not want to move.

“We live right up the road and we try to say to her all the time but she she’s not good to leave yet,” Banes said,

“She just got her ways of stuff. There some hard ways but she’s just a lovable person,” Marshall Lewis, a church member of Ferrell, said.

A few homes down… Lacey Eubanks says she didn’t expect the water to hit her home because it was clear the night before.

“It was just a little rain water like in here now. My daughter called at 6 o’clock this morning and said momma get up and look. They got 80 closed you better get up. And oh gracious it was here,” Lacy Eubanks, a Scott resident, said.

Mississippi Department of Transportation blocked off the area around 4 a.m. after a driver called saying the water was too dangerous.

Crews had to turn drivers away.

One young man said he had to miss school and work.

“It concerns me because what if an emergency or something happens and I need to go somewhere but can’t go. So there’s nothing you can really do except wait,” Michael Laster, a Scott resident, said.

MDOT has reopened both lanes of Highway 80 in Morton.

There are no reports of anyone hurt as a result of the flood.

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