What’s Working: Tiny Titans

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The world’s largest traveling exhibit of dinosaur eggs and baby dinosaurs are now on display in Jackson.

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is the place to take in Tiny Titans.

Most of us know that dinosaurs laid eggs, but have you ever actually seen one?

What about touching a genuine dinosaur leg bone and not getting in trouble. Here’s how you can cross both those off your list.

What was life like on Earth 80 million years ago?

See for yourself in a colorful an interactive exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

Museum Director Charles Knight says, “Well, this is baby dinosaurs and the eggs they come out of. So we have more than 75 species of eggs and babies and nests.”

Florence Magovern is the curator for Tiny Titans.

She explains, “We have an embryo stem of a dinosaur that’s on display here. We have a complete nest of oviraptor eggs. We have a bowling ball egg from Argentina. It feels like a bowling ball, perfectly round.”

The real eggs are under glass, but there are plenty of spots where you can dig right in.

Florence explains, “One thing that’s fun about this exhibit is that you don’t have to tell your kids not to touch.”

WJTV’s Andrew Harrison asked, “You can even dress up like a dinosaur?”

Florence replied, “You can dress up like a dinosaur, too.”

Fun and fact filled, new dinosaur discoveries are being made each month.

George Phillips is the Paleontology Curator. He says, “We find a new species every year. There is always somebody digging in the ground for new information about dinosaurs.”

For example, there is overwhelming evidence that various meat-eating dinosaurs had feathers.

Florence adds, “Some scientists are even saying that T-Rex had feathers.”

Mind blown, Andrew asked in amazement, “T-Rex had feathers?”

Florence responded, “Some people think so.”

See what you think, when you make your way through an exhibit that took literally tens of millions of years to come together.

The exhibit will remain at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science until May.

It’s open 7 days a week. So you have plenty of time to take the family.

Most of Mississippi was underwater during the time of the dinosaurs, but fossils have been discovered here.

That includes a duck-billed dinosaur that was found in Booneville on what was once a muddy beach.




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