Adams County could change smoking age.

ADAMS COUNTY, MISS (WJTV) A new proposed ordinance could up the age on the sale of tobacco in Adams County.

Adams County Supervisor Mike Lazarus, who pitched the ordinance, said it would make it illegal to sell tobacco to people under the age of 21. He said this is an effort to keep teens from smoking.

“What we found when we were studying this was that 10% to 14% of teens will never start smoking if it’s harder to get the cigarettes,” said Lazarus “I hear so many people say if I never started this, they would be so happy.”

Anything that would keep kids happy and healthier, is a good idea to Dennis Williams.

“I just had open heart 12 weeks ago, and tobacco is bad for your health and it’s really not good for you,” said Williams.

If passed, Adams county will be the first county to up the age of tobacco in Mississippi. The county is planning a public hearing on the matter.




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