Heart attack survivor shares her story on National Go Red for Women Day

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Friday is National Go Red for Women Day.

Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in women.

It was just eight months ago that Shannon Strong got the scare of her life. She ws home with her sister when she started feeling pressure on her heart.

“It was directly in the middle of my chest,” Shannon said. “It lasted for about two hours.”

Her family took her to the hospital.

“I had to ask the nurse what happened,” she said. “She was like ‘oh my God,’ you didn’t know you had a heart attack. I was like no, I didn’t. I’m 45 years old. I just never thought that that was going to happen.”

“The risk factors for developing heart disease are hypertension, diabetes, cigarette smoking, family history and high cholesterol,” said Dr. Myrna Alexander.

Dr. Alexander said there is a large number of people with those risk right here in Jackson.

“It’s the number one cause of death in women. We want to let women know that,”Dr. Alexander said. “There were years ago that we were under the impression, cancer was the number cause of death but it’s not.”

Shannon is dealing with her diagnoses by living a healthier lifestyle.

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